A Winter Fire Arabian Horse

Seattle winters typically have long stretches of rain, and skies of endless grey, for several weeks at a time. Some bright lively colors are a good prescription for late winter doldrums.

In anticipation of our late winter's hasty turn into spring, with daffodils and camellias soon to appear, I created, "A Winter Fire Arabian Horse" to add color to your mental gardens.

Three bright and sunny days in a row just rescued us from the Pacific Northwest's long weeks of rainy weather! May my colorful contemporary Arabian horse art add joy to your wardrobe and walls this spring.

"Golden chestnut and purple colors glow on a horse designed to banish dark winter doldrums. This contemporary painting was drawn by Stacey Mayer, an equine artist born in Seattle, Washington. She is especially noted for her beautiful horses painted in brilliant colors on her cell phone, then enlarged and embellished with animation and detail."

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