Drawing Faces of Horses

Three Faces Talking is now an NFT

Drawing the Three Mares Faces

FLASH! THIS EQUINE IMAGE FEATURED: ArabHorseCouture.com 6/2015

I always enjoy studying the faces of beautiful horses
. Can you see the three-horse faces here? This is probably my favorite way of drawing them, with my graphic pen and tablet. Three mares at the evening watering trough, talking about the day.

The freehand drawing was started in the "Harmony" browser application. Then I finished the details and colorized the mares in Adobe Photoshop. Following the planes of their faces in a gesture drawing, enhanced by the soft additions to each curve. I hope you enjoy them.

Three horses whispering at the gate; one turns back to see who's coming. What are they talking about? A freehand gesture drawing was the genesis of this painting of three horses.

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