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Stacey Mayer Art Masks

Wash and Wear Equine Art Masks

Stacey's Equine Art Masks

Our family is staying home
and being careful, probably just like yours. We're taking Benjamin for little walks to be sure we’re all getting enough sunshine. He was hyper-alert to our local playground equipment displaying caution tape as we walked by, and some of our neighbors wearing masks.

As you may know, if you've been following us, our four-year-old grandson has Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, (PAH), and Ben has frequently been in the hospital. He's familiar with masks.

I felt him clutch my hand tightly, and stop in his tracks, as we watched our neighbor go by with a mask covering her face. He continued to watch her as she passed out of sight with her little dog beside her. What must he be thinking?

It would help if we could see more friendly masks that communicated “happy thoughts”. The caregivers at Seattle Children’s pay special attention to how their apparel looks to the kids. Something cheerful, in bright, pretty colors and themes found everywhere at Seattle Children’s.

Working on a new design
late into the night, suddenly, something new appeared at Fine Art America; the option to put my artwork on masks. It was a brand new product they’d been working on for just this moment.

My artwork is sure child-friendly, and kids naturally react with smiles. This was just what I was looking for! More than just tee-shirts and coffee mugs, now my dancing horses, and lively and colorful animals can go on masks!

Thank you to Fine Art America for helping our artistic community’s desire to share our beautiful drawings and paintings in this unique way during the 2020 COVID19 crisis.

Benjamin says he likes my horses with bright colors, best.

Naturally Drawing

Process Drawing and Sketching

Arabian Horse Running Flat Out by Equine Artist, Stacey Mayer
Running Horse was created in the Harmony App by Stacey Mayer

The Google browser Web Store, "" currently features some of the most fun, easy-to-use, and inspiring artist's software programs I've ever seen. They may reside in your browser, but you're actually able to use them when you're working offline. I've spent several weeks creating and editing many images and photos with them, and I have added some as permanent additions to my software list.

One of my favorites is called, "Harmony". It allows artists to create black and white, or colored drawings, in a new way. The sketches appear to finish their own shadows, and details, as you pull your pen along. You can do it simply, or you can add a "hair" brush, or try the interesting "ribbon" brush. The few combinations of brushes and textures are enough to keep you happily experimenting for a while. The possibilities for line art are amazing.

Draw a line of automatically appearing squares, or draw a line bending around a curve of a face, or an eye, and watch it fill in shadow as it goes. They have thoughtfully posted an introductory video that's quite helpful. I've found the program to be intuitive and easy to feel at home with. Be sure to test this browser add-on out. It's entertaining, free, and gives a whole new slant to what you may create with your graphic pen and a few lines.

I encourage you to try the art and drawing apps that come to the market. You're sure to discover new ways to enjoy creating wonderful art!

Drawing Faces of Horses

Drawing the Three Mares Faces


I always enjoy studying the faces of beautiful horses
. Can you see the three-horse faces here? This is probably my favorite way of drawing them, with my graphic pen and tablet. Three mares at the evening watering trough, talking about the day.

The freehand drawing was started in the "Harmony" browser application. Then I finished the details and colorized the mares in Adobe Photoshop. Following the planes of their faces in a gesture drawing, enhanced by the soft additions to each curve. I hope you enjoy them.

Three horses whispering at the gate; one turns back to see who's coming. What are they talking about? A freehand gesture drawing was the genesis of this painting of three horses.

Art Prints

Prancing Arabian Horse

Drawing the Prancing Arabian Horse

Arabian Leaping drawn with Harmony App

In between checking my Facebook pages
, or by email, I'm usually drawing or painting something. Lately, that means I'm playing around with the "Harmony" art and drawing tool in my chrome browser. It's proven to be my sketching tool of choice, as it's easily able to capture my fastest sketches and add marvelous effects that would otherwise take me hours to add.

I'm not sure if I like the shadow or the web brush better. I think all of the tool options are amazing. I even used the "square" tool to add a Bedouin tassel or two to one of my Arabian horse sketches. It turned out wonderfully! This small, Chrome add-on is a blast to play with.
Prancing Magenta Arabian Horse

After attending the Picasso exhibit in Seattle, I was hoping to be able to create new, and less "tight" artworks. The Harmony tool has certainly enabled me to work on loose and flowing lines in ways I'd not thought of before. I hope you try it out and post your experiences.

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