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Race Horse for Julie June

You can make all kinds of friends on Facebook, but few of them will make such an impact on your daily outlook on life, as Julie June has made on mine.

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A Winter Fire Arabian Horse

Seattle winters typically have long stretches of rain, and skies of endless grey, for several weeks at a time. Some bright lively colors are a good prescription for late winter doldrums.

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Thoroughbred Racing Dream

I always enjoy drawing wonderful, fast sketches of horses. This drawing is of a Thoroughbred or Arabian fantasy racehorse. I grew up reading issues of the Thoroughbred of California, and The Maryland Horse magazines, among several other favorite horse racing and breeding magazines.

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Paintings of the Friesian Horse

Friesian Horse Equine Art and Graphics

International Friesian Show Horse Logo by Stacey Mayer
IFSHA Logo by Stacey Mayer

The Friesian horse breed's black coat can be a challenge to paint, and truly convey the energy of the play of light across the always-moving black-coated horse. The twilight blues, mirrored silvers, and occasional red reflections, dazzle the eye in bright light.

Plus, the Friesian breed is so distinctive; echoes of the Friesian's face are also seen on foundation Morgan horses; clear evidence of their influence on many early American Colonial horses. Their high knee action makes them excellent driving or riding horses.

I was fortunate to see Friesian horses in Washington State many years ago and remarked on their beautiful, distinctive faces. Obviously, their hair overflows their face like few other breeds, and their lofty trot speaks of generations of noble breeding. Such a wonderful gathering of Iberian and Arabian influences has earned their place as a popular fine harness and modern riding horse.

Thanks to my friends in Texas, Lisa and Ron Robertson, for sharing many photos of their beach rides with Friesian horses. Endless inspiration!

Friesian Horse Leaping

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