Asian scene by Stacey MayerNew Art and NFT projects from Stacey Mayer

Stacey NFT. A Very Special Story.

(Originally featured on Dropys)- It's obvious that this project goes far beyond profile pictures and blockchain technology. This is a project that is deeply rooted in family. By becoming a token holder of Stacey's NFTs, you'll get to help this family fight this uphill battle and receive updates along the way. 

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Stacey's Art on StaticMotionNFT

Stacey Mayer Art Featured on StaticMotionNFT

Stacey's artwork is now featured on Static Motion NFT.  Static Motion is featuring Stacey's NFT projects among a group of talented NFT artists they have added to the newly expanded Features and Highlighted NFT sections.

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NFTs Carry a New Kind of Value

Are NFTs worth buying? Giving financial freedom to artists is certainly valuable. I didn't collect baseball cards, either, but I can recognize their value.

Let's look at the original art sector of the NFT marketplace.

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