Portrait of RLA Frog Prince

On Christmas Day of 2021, we enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by our eldest daughter and then settled in to enjoy the day.

As soon as the family was quietly resting from their Christmas feast, I returned to the computer hoping to learn what my next steps were for minting my art into NFTs and adding them permanently to the blockchain.

My goal was to successfully mint my first NFTs from one of the hundreds of digital graphics I've created over my years online. My original images are languishing unseen on a hard drive where no one else sees them. I'd like them to be visible and enjoyed, and able to serve their purpose again.

It's a confusing process, as there are many sites to investigate, and lots of online galleries to add your NFT's. NFT galleries, bitcoin wallets, and sales platforms each have different capabilities, and each deserves your investigation. I kept browsing and learning a bit more from each creation and sales platform.

I am happy to report that this image, (with animation), became my premier NFT artwork, on the OpenSea platform. I have added over 20 NFTs to my group, with more exciting concepts coming. It's an exciting time to be an artist! Follow me on Instagram for more details as they happen.