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Grandchild Benjamin

We have a grandson! 26 July 2015

Our eldest daughter Shannon presented us with our first grandchild, a redheaded little boy, on 26 July 2015. My arms are often filled with his wiggling, smiling self. As I stroke his fine, auburn hair, I remember holding his mother and her sisters as infants, and the joy of those moments returns to me.

I've also found it's a time of growth and renewal. Becoming a grandmother has reminded me I still have much to contribute; new artworks to create, family to meet, stories to write, and friends to discover. So many possibilities.

I'm watching him reach out to touch the softness of a cat's tail. He gives me a sweet grin. I think of the first time he'll hold one of my paintbrushes. I think of all the books we'll discover together. Chestnuts to collect in the fall; Christmas carols to sing, and forest trails to walk. 

Hello grandson, Benjamin.

Tomorrow holds so much joy!
Benjamin back in Everett, WA

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