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Grandchild Benjamin

Our Grandson is Born! 26 July 2015

Our eldest daughter Shannon presented us with a grandchild, a redheaded little boy, on 26 July 2015. My arms are often filled with his wiggling, smiling self. As I stroke his fine, auburn hair, I remember holding his mother and her sisters as infants, and the joy of those moments returns to me.

I've also found it's a time of growth and renewal. Becoming a grandmother has reminded me I still have much to contribute; new artworks to create, family to meet, stories to write, and friends to discover. So many possibilities.

I'm watching him reach out to touch the softness of a cat's tail. He gives me a sweet grin. I think of the first time he'll hold one of my paintbrushes. I think of all the books we'll discover together. Chestnuts to collect in the fall; Christmas carols to sing, and forest trails to walk. 

Hello grandson, Benjamin.

Tomorrow holds so much joy!
Benjamin back in Everett, WA
*Benjamin is doing well in the Texas sunshine! He takes part in the Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension study group. He's seen regularly by the pediatric cardiology and pulmonary doctors of Houston Children's Hospital. He is on a 24/7 subcutaneous medicine delivery system. His condition is currently stable. He often joins her to draw and paint in his grandmother's art studio.

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