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Stacey's Art & NFTs Featured in TOGRP

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"If something sounds too good to be true… there’s probably a scammer behind it." - Oscar Harding

The feature article on Stacey Mayer NFTs is here.

TOGRP7 magazine of Australia
 is the work of Oscar Harding, a specialist quickly becoming known to the blockchain community. Oscar is experienced in onboarding new entrants to the Web 3 community and shares his knowledge of blockchain developments, cryptocurrency wallets, and NFT news through his magazine. After speaking with Oscar during a live Twitter space, I was delighted to learn he was also an experienced webmaster.

There are few webmasters with as thorough an understanding of how to build high-scoring web pages. The usual web content creator thinks you only need to add some high-demand keywords and they're all done. Oscar knows better and goes well beyond simple keyword tactics. He's able to create web content that is able to earn high search engine scores by design. That's his specialty.

His colorful online magazine contains curated news and is growing with new features on;

  • Cryptocurrency
  • Effective Marketing
  • NFT Creators
  • NFT Events
  • NFT Marketplaces
  • NFT Projects
  • Scam Alerts
  • Wallet Security
  • Web 3 Developments

True to Oscar's knowledge of the Web, the magazine is filled with well-organized content presented in an appealing format.

I'm so pleased he chose my artwork and NFTs to share with you.

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