Prints and MerchThe Beauty of Mexico, digital painting by contemporary artist, Stacey Mayer, of Bryan, Texas.

Sculptures by Stacey

Equine Art Sculptures by Stacey Mayer

Stacey Mayer's Hurlbutt Award Sculpture now in private collection.
The Hurlbutt Award, 2002. Private Collection.
Thank you to Lorry Wagner and the members of California's Region 2 International Arabian Horse Association for this honor.

Bronze and Milestone Equine Sculptures

This equine sculpture
was later presented in Italy for a European Liberty Championship. This sculpture was made from a material called, "Milestone", an acrylic/cementitious admixture developed in Seattle and used by many artists and craftspeople in the Pacific Northwest.

Stacey Mayer working on the sculpture that was awarded in Italy.

Sculpture portrait of the Polish Arabian mare, "Manaa".
Stacey was commissioned by the mare's owner to create a sculpture portrait of this fine Polish mare. A fine mare with a lovely way of going, her neck would arch like a swan as she proudly showed off for visitors.
Steve Vajdik's Arabian mare, "Manaa" sculpture portrait by equine artist Stacey Mayer.

The "Wink" Chappell Hi-Point Trophy,
a bronze sculpture by Stacey Mayer depicting Lorry Wagner's foundation Arabian stallion, "Sierra Dunes". One of the young winners of the Hi-Point trophy is pictured with Lorry Wagner, past president of IAHA Region 2. Lorry Wagner's Sierra Dunes Arabians have bred champion Arabian performance horses for over 40 years.
bronze portrait of the Arabian stallion Sierra Dunes, detail"Wink" Chappell Memorial Award Bronze

Renowned Polish Arabian horse breeder, Kay Patterson
, received the Stacey Mayer portrait sculpture of Kay's gorgeous chestnut stallion, "Meridian",  at an Arabian horse breeders meeting, circa 1994. Kay Patterson's Polish Arabian horse breeding program was one of the most famous Polish-bred Arabian horse breeders in America for many decades.
Meridian sculpture portrait of an Arabian stallion by Stacey Mayer

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