Prints and MerchThe Beauty of Mexico, digital painting by contemporary artist, Stacey Mayer, of Bryan, Texas.

Texas Bluebonnets Mosaic Tiles

"Bluebonnet Mosaic Tile"

Bluebonnets mosaic tile before grouting"Texas Mosaic Bluebonnets" was created on a regular 4" inch square ceramic tile. The shiny white surface presents amazing possibilities. I used good glass nippers to cut the different glass colors by hand, gluing them down along the design sections as I went. Next, it was time to grout.

Bluebonnets Mosaic tile after cleaning."Texas Mosaic Bluebonnets" also features a delicate border of clear glass beads I've saved in a jewelry box for years. When I tried them against the glass tiles, it was just the accent I was looking for. Now grouted and polished, each piece of glass helps to complete the design.

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