Prints and MerchThe Beauty of Mexico, digital painting by contemporary artist, Stacey Mayer, of Bryan, Texas.

AWhiteHorse Gallery on Spatial

AWhiteHorse Gallery on Spatial

The AWhiteHorse Gallery Opens on Spatial

The new AWhiteHorse Gallery on Spatial features new images as well as drawings, NFTs, and her acrylic paintings that have appeared on her Facebook pages and, plus the newest digital and "in real life" paintings from her private studio collection.

To visit the Spatial galleries, first, download the app from your cell phone's app store. Newer desktop and laptop computers can easily experience the galleries directly in their browser if their graphics card is up to date.

There are several exhibition spaces in the gallery, allowing for many of her collections to be introduced as groups or singly. Portals to Stacey's fellow members of the NFT Masterminds Club Galleries are grouped together in the AWhiteHorse Gallery to allow you easy access to the art galleries of Club members and other outstanding artists.

The Persian carpet motif shares Stacey's love of Esfahan carpets while accenting the brilliant colors of her works. It's a small reminder of her own home. The family's favorite photos of Benjamin are displayed prominently on the main Gallery entry wall. You're invited to step into her virtual gallery to see her wide range of equine art, both as new NFTs and in real-life paintings.
AWhiteHorse Gallery on

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