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Are NFTs Worth the Price?

Stacey Mayer's NFTs

NFTs Carry a New Kind of Value

Are NFTs worth buying? Giving financial freedom to artists is certainly valuable. I didn't collect baseball cards, either, but I can recognize their value.

Let's look at the original art sector of the NFT marketplace.

One-of-one NFTs are collected like a card collection, where the benefit is from the original art.

A generative art NFT is valued by the utility it offers, such as membership in a club, support to a charity, or discounts on particular goods and services.

Many original art NFTs may be purchased with buyers' limited copyright privileges, for use as prints or tee shirts of the original art in a charity fundraiser, for instance.

I'm listening to 1/1 NFTs artists now able to sell their art to enthusiastic collectors before their IRL paintings have ever landed in a gallery.

Many artists are selling fine art original NFTs to support local charities, while also earning income themselves.

What charity is your favorite? The NFT artist may believe in the same charity. Talk to them.

I believe that the old maxim, "artists can't make money till they're dead" is finally being laid to rest.

As an artist for over 50 years, I'm glad I've made it this far!

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