Prints and MerchThe Beauty of Mexico, digital painting by contemporary artist, Stacey Mayer, of Bryan, Texas.

The Albuquerque Horse

The Albuquerque Horse was inspired by Picasso, and the American Southwest.

The Albuquerque Horse was inspired by New Mexico. New Mexico is a land of wide vistas that let me experience an open landscape from horizon to horizon. Plus, New Mexico's hills and valleys are saturated with layers of brilliant colors around every corner.

The Picasso Exhibit at The Seattle Art Museum helped me to learn more about the emotional power of color. I enjoyed Picasso's frequently unusual color combinations and complete bravery with a paintbrush. I called upon my Picasso experience as I thought about the colors for this horse.

Picasso created his paintings and drawings with a sure hand and a command presence. Whether he was creating a sculpture or a painting, you could see how brave he was in execution. He knew what he wanted, and he picked up the paint, and he makes it happen. Picasso approached each work boldly and with certainty. His early representative paintings displayed the bold brushstrokes and colors that become his hallmark. They were masterfully embued with life and easily evoked emotion from the viewer. I gained respect for all the phases of his art, and often remind myself to be bold, and remember Picasso!

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