Good King Wenceslas - A Timeless Christmas Tale

King Wenceslas bh Stacey MayerArt Especially Created for Christmas

Artist Stacey Mayer presents a unique painting, "Good King Wenceslas", representing the story told by a popular Christmas carol. She brings to life the enchanting tale of Good King Wenceslas with her passion for the Christmas story. 

"Good King Wenceslas looked out, on the Feast of Stephen ..The story unfolds on the canvas showing us the King walking through the snow, the winter forest, with his castle on the hill behin him."

Chosen from a Classic Christmas Carol

Good King Wenceslas art by Stacey MayerYoung listeners, when listening to Stacey's favorite carol, may imagine a snowy landscape with a kind-hearted king. Now, this scene is captured to enjoy all year. 

Experience the enchanting world of "Good King Wenceslas" as he walks towards the poor villager he spotted from his window. Explore the tale in the painting and be transported back to past Christmas celebrations.

This painting tells the story, as experienced by the peasant — the crisp air, the warmth of the King's generosity, the joyous recognition of the peasant's rescue. Imagine your eyes on the ground as you search for for firewood, when the King happens on you, and asks what he may do to help.

We hope you enjoy Stacey Mayer's imagined scene of this memorable Christmas carol.