Acrylic Painting for Beginners with Stacey

Welcome, everyone! I'm so excited to embark on this creative journey with you all. My course is for beginners who want to explore the wonderful world of acrylic painting. We'll break it down into four manageable lessons to help you get started and develop your artistic skills.

Lesson 1: Getting to Know Your Tools

  • Brush care is essential! We'll learn how to properly use and maintain your brushes so they last a long time and help you achieve beautiful results.
  • Exploring acrylics: We'll experiment with how acrylic paint behaves on canvas, including techniques for layering and blending. This will give you a feel for the unique qualities of acrylics.

Lesson 2: Mixing and Matching Colors

  • Limited palettes can be powerful! We'll discuss the benefits of using a limited color palette for underpainting. It can help you create harmonious and cohesive paintings.
  • Mixing colors is fun! We'll learn how to mix primary colors to create a variety of secondary and tertiary colors on your palette, giving you a wider range to work with.

Lesson 3: Inspiration and Limited Palettes

  • Color theory can guide your choices! We'll explore how to use warm and cool colors to create different moods in your paintings. Understanding color theory will help you make intentional color choices.
  • Limited palette examples: We'll examine the work of famous artists like Picasso (Check out his painting, Madame Picasso, 1923 ) who used limited palettes to create stunning works of art. This will show you the power of using a limited palette effectively.

Lesson 4: Artistic Influences

  • Inspiration is everywhere! We'll discuss the importance of finding artistic inspiration from various sources, including museums (Check out the Seattle Art Museum website!), artists like Norman Rockwell (whose work helped boost American morale during World War II!), and even personal experiences.
  • Developing your style is a journey! We'll explore how your unique background and experiences can influence your artistic style. Embrace your individuality and let it shine through in your work!

Remember, the definition of talent is desire! I encourage you to experiment, have fun, and enjoy the process as you create each painting. 

P.S. I'm particularly inspired by the curvilinear style and the use of limited palettes in the art of the Pacific Coast Salish peoples (whose work you can also find at the Seattle Art Museum). Their influence can be seen in my own artwork, especially the Arabian horse I drew for you all.

Happy Painting!


Brazos River Valley, Texas by Stacey Mayer C. 2024
Brazos Valley Texas


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