About the Artist, Stacey Mayer

Stacey Mayer's art exudes an unmistakable vibrancy and unique flair. At the young age of 16, a tragic family accident forever altered her perspective, leaving a wake of Stacey Mayer with her grandson, Benjaminemotions that changed her.

She learned to channel her emotional energy into her work, developing dynamic artwork with an easily recognized style, whether drawing and painting spanning animal, equine, figurative, or sporting art. 

The power of Stacey's artistic style radiates across any room, capturing the attention of admirers near and far. A skilled artist since her childhood days in Seattle, the world now eagerly collects the distinctive artwork of Stacey Mayer. 

Stacey's work in international lifestyle magazines has propelled her into the global spotlight. Stay updated on her social media platforms to see when she shares her newest creations.

Despite her international acclaim, Stacey cherishes her quiet moments at home in Texas. Here, she spends precious time with her red-haired grandson, Benjamin, pouring her love and creativity into works of art for future generations to appreciate.

"Family is forever."

In memory of the Rank family; Robert, Joyce, and their children, David and Martha, July 11th, 1973.

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