The Best Day of All

The Happiest Day

Glacier National Park

Recently, an online group discussed
 what is considered to be the most memorable day of our life. He further asked us to choose from our work-life, since he didn't think we'd all mention a wedding day anymore, which was the common answer in decades past.

He was looking for the common elements of the most memorable day of our lives, most likely coming from modern corporate life.

I have many dear memories from my work life, but nothing matches the significance of our wedding day in September of 1976.

Philip and I drove a day and a half from Seattle to the small town of Idaho Falls. It was a private ceremony with only my Aunt in attendance. Our marriage in the beautiful Idaho Falls Temple is a memory I treasure.

My husband Philip has supported me through tragedy, pain, and triumph. He's never criticized me. He's listened unselfishly. He's healed my heart.

Our bond has strengthened through the years to include our four daughters, sons-in-law, and a grandson.

It feels like we were on our honeymoon, camping in the September snow of Yellowstone and Glacier Parks, just the other day.

Phil tended the fire, while I watched from our sleeping bag in our rented tent. Elk bugled across the valley, echoing our joy. Our breakfast sizzled from a cast-iron skillet; we had everything we needed.
Phil and Stacey Riding Horses Together

We packed our hopes, dreams, and faith into our blue 1963 VW Beetle to return home, unaware our memories from that September would burn brightly enough to sustain us through the years.

It was the foundation of our happiness, it was the beginning of everything I hold dear.

May God grant us more time on earth together. Much more.

We have eternity to remember.

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