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A Floral Arrangement

Short Bio for Artist Stacey Mayer

Stacey's artistic talent was noted while she was still a small child in Seattle. Her parents encouraged her talent with frequent visits to the Seattle Art Museum. Salish tribal art and Asian art were influential in the development of her linear and colorful style.

She continued to pour her energy into her art after losing her parents and two siblings in a boating accident at 16. It was her artwork that kept her going through the first years after the accident.

While raising her own family, she began the award-winning coloring book site,™ in 1996, to share her artwork with other children and the young at heart. Many young artists and horse lovers grew up enjoying the coloring pages on AWhiteHorse™.

Her art has been featured in several international magazines and is well-known around the world. Stacey's easily recognized style is colorful, energetic, and expressive. Her horses are especially noted for their animated style.

Soccer NFT by Stacey MayerStacey's unique NFT series of animals, drawings, horses, people, sports, and wildlife are introducing many new admirers and collectors to her recognizable style. Currently, her NFT collections are available on,, and

She enjoys drawing and painting in her Texas studio with her grandson Benjamin, who has a rare pediatric cardiopulmonary disease. He loves to draw with his grandmother.

Stacey's NFTs is dedicated to Benjamin.

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