A contemporary women brings her joy and enthusiasm with her wherever she goes.
Donna with Hat
Donna with Hat
A Collectible Coloring Book
Behold a White Horse
Behold a White Horse
Seattle Women, at a fundraising dinner, looking their best.
Seattle Women at the Dance
Seattle Women at the Dance
A beautiful grey Arabian stallion makes his red tassels dance.
Arabian with Red Tassles
Arabian with Red Tassles
Three Texas Ladies, chatting in the grandstand while watching the rodeo.
Three Texas Ladies
Three Texas Ladies

Welcome to Stacey Mayer's Artistic World

Dive into the world of Stacey Mayer, an artist whose unique curvilinear style sets her apart. She weaves a tapestry of art with flowing, organic lines and curves, crafting pieces that breathe life into subjects like animals, nature, and human figures. Each piece is a dance of fluidity and movement, a testament to her extraordinary talent.

"Stacey's art dances with the music of a thousand songs" - Fine Art America

The Unique Curvilinear Style

Stacey Mayer is an artist known for her unique curvilinear style. In this style, she creates artworks characterized by flowing, organic lines and curves. Her pieces often feature subjects such as animals, nature, and human figures, which are rendered with a sense of fluidity and movement. 

Nature and Interconnectedness 

The curvilinear style of Stacey Mayer is inspired by the natural world and the concept of interconnectedness. She uses graceful lines and curves to convey a sense of harmony and balance in her artwork. The flowing lines create a sense of energy and rhythm, giving her pieces a dynamic and lively feel. 

Whimsy and Playfulness 

Stacey Mayer's curvilinear style is often associated with a sense of whimsy and playfulness. Her use of organic shapes and flowing lines adds a touch of fantasy and imagination to her artwork. The combination of bold lines and intricate details creates a visually captivating and engaging experience for the viewer. 

The impact of Stacey Mayer's art on the contemporary art scene

Imagine stepping into a world where color and form are languages, where emotion and intellect intertwine in a vibrant dance of visual delight. Welcome to the realm of Stacey Mayer. Her contributions to the contemporary art scene are as profound as they are captivating. Stacey has an uncanny ability to push the boundaries of what art means, and her impact on the contemporary art scene is nothing short of transformative. 

Her works are a vibrant melange of bold hues and abstract shapes, often incorporating found objects and repurposed materials. This unique approach not only broadens the definition of 'canvas,' but also adds depth and richness to her pieces that are distinctly Mayer. 

The Unmistakable Influence 

Stacey's influence can be seen in the increasing acceptance of unconventional materials in the art world. Her work challenges the traditional notions of what constitutes art, inviting viewers to question, explore, and ultimately expand their understanding. This 'Mayer Effect' has been instrumental in shifting the paradigm of contemporary art. 

Equally impressive is her ability to infuse her art with emotional resonance. Each piece is a journey, an exploration of human experience. Her art is not just visually stunning; it is a conversation, a dialogue between artist and observer, stirring deep emotional responses. 

Pushing Boundaries 

Arguably one of the most influential contemporary artists of our time, Stacey Mayer refuses to be confined by norms. Her art is a testament to her courage and her conviction that art is a living, breathing entity, evolving and changing with the times. 

"Art is not static, it is not passive. It should challenge, provoke, inspire." 

Indeed, Stacey's art does just that. It moves, it breathes, it challenges, it inspires. Her ability to redefine the boundaries of art and reshape the contemporary art landscape cements her position as a true leader in her field.

The inspiration behind Stacey Mayer's creations

When you gaze upon a piece by Stacey Mayer, you cannot help but be stirred by the palpable passion, the raw emotion, the fierce individuality that leaps from each drawing. The inspiration behind Mayer's works is as varied as her portfolio, a kaleidoscope of influence that reflects her distinctive style. 

Stacey draws heavily from her personal experiences and her surroundings. The places she has lived, the people she has met, and the cultures she has been exposed to, all play a pivotal role in shaping her artistic voice. It's an echo of life, resounding in every brushstroke. 

"Art is not what you see, but what you make others see." - Stacey Mayer

Moreover, Mayer is deeply inspired by nature, particularly the animal kingdom. She has an uncanny ability to capture the spirit and character of animals in her work, from the proud majesty of the lion to the graceful agility of the gazelle. 

  • The Arabian Horse Series: In this series, Mayer portrays the raw power and regal dignity of Arabian horses The viewer is captivated by the intricate detailing and powerful imagery, which serves as a testament to Mayer's deep respect for these legendary animals.
  • The Seattle Women Collection: Here, Mayer captures the elegance and grace of women in motion. The fluid strokes and deft use of color bring the women to life, evoking a sense of anticipation, motion, and interaction with the viewer.

But Mayer's inspiration goes beyond the tangible, often delving into the realm of the abstract. She's profoundly influenced by philosophical ideas, societal issues, and human emotions. This depth of thought transcends the canvas, connecting the viewer with the artist on a deeper level. 

Stacey Mayer's art is a true reflection of her multifaceted inspiration - a blend of personal experience, nature's beauty, and profound introspection. Her work is a testament to the power of art to move, inspire, and make us see the world in new and exciting ways.

The significance of color in Stacey Mayer's art

Diving into the heart of Stacey Mayer's art, one cannot overlook the profound significance of color. Mayer uses vibrant hues not merely as a visual tool, but as a language to communicate mood, emotion, and narrative. 

Notice the way Mayer deftly manipulates color to control the energy of her work. In pieces where she wants to evoke calmness or peace, she uses a palette dominated by cool blues and greens. Contrastingly, when she wants her art to pulsate with life, she turns to the vivacity of warm reds, yellows and oranges. It's a testament to Mayer's understanding of color theory and its psychological effects. 

The relationship between color and emotion in Mayer's art 

"Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet." - Paul Klee

Stacey Mayer's art captures this sentiment perfectly. Her effective utilization of color not only dictates the emotional tone of her work but also stimulates an emotional response from the viewers. Here are some examples: 

  1. Red - Symbolic of love, anger, and excitement in her works.
  2. Blue - Signifies peace, calm, and tranquility in her creations.
  3. Yellow - Stacey's favorite -often portrays happiness, energy, and warmth.

Mayer's mastery of the use of color transforms her art into a sensory experience, creating a deeper connection between the viewer and the artwork. 

The role of color in Mayer's storytelling 

Storytelling is an intrinsic element of Mayer's work, and color is one of her most potent tools in this endeavor. Her choice of colors sets the stage for the story, giving context and depth to the narratives she weaves. Whether it's the melancholic blues in her depictions of solitude or the vibrant oranges and reds breathing fire into her tales of passion, Mayer's color choices bring her stories to life. 

Through her art, Stacey Mayer invites us to explore a world where color isn't just an aesthetic choice but a powerful, emotive language. It is this magic of color that truly sets her work apart and cements her place as a trailblazer in the world of contemporary art.


Overall, Stacey Mayer's curvilinear style is a unique and distinctive approach to art, characterized by its flowing lines, organic shapes, and sense of harmony. Her artwork invites viewers to explore the beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world through her whimsical and dynamic creations.