Thoroughbred Race Horse by Stacey MayerAbout Stacey Mayer

Seattle-born Stacey Mayer is an artist and equestrian inspired by the people, wildlife, and landscapes she grew up with in Puget Sound.

Her artwork shares
the colors, dreams, and stories experienced through a lifetime exploring horses and animals of throughout the American West.  

Stacey's contemporary line drawings and acrylic paintings are immediately recognizable. Her style was particularly distinct, even as a young child learning to draw the wild animals and ponies at the Seattle Woodland Park Zoo. Stacey specializes in contemporary acrylic paintings and sculptures with an emphasis on animals, and the horse and rider. Her distinctive style is frequently featured in leading equestrian lifestyle magazines worldwide. 

As a young mother, she would draw images of fantastic birds, unicorns, mermaids, and wild mustangs all running and prancing together to delight her four girls. Her equine art shows the influence of the champion Arabian, Appaloosa, Friesian, Haflinger, Morgan, Paint, Quarter horses, and Saddlebreds she once knew, like the famous stallions and mares Bear Paw, Calico Girl, Carolina Caberet, Chystal Vision, Ga'Zi, El Hilal, Khemosabi, Mondo, *Muscat, Sander Charge, *Tjeert, and TheEgyptianPrince. 

Now a grandmother, she draws beautiful horses of all breeds and imaginary beasts to share with children and the young at heart all over the world. Although her work also includes numerous wild birds, North American animals, native fish species, and even prehistoric animals of every type, her horses remain her trademark.

Every beautiful species finds their way into her contemporary drawings and paintings. Appaloosas to Friesians, birds to fishes; regardless of what she's drawing, Stacey's drawing style is recognized right away by her dedicated fans

Stacey often has her grandson, Benjamin, in the studio beside her as she creates art for a new generation of animal and horse lovers. He loves to draw and paint beside her, adding turtles, trucks, and dinosaurs to the pages they work on together.

Stacey moved with her family to Bryan, Texas in the summer of 2020.

She is a Paard Verzameld Collective member, 2018.