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NFTs Carry a New Kind of Value

Are NFTs worth buying? Giving financial freedom to artists is certainly valuable. I didn't collect baseball cards, either, but I can recognize their value.

Let's look at the original art sector of the NFT marketplace.

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Benjamin and I were drawing on large sheets of newsprint paper in my art studio. Two Arabian horses at a time, I quickly drew them with a pencil and resisted coloring them with Ben's brightly colored crayons. 

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I love Asian art vases, and I remember admiring the large, wonderfully painted Chinese-made ceramic vases they used to sell next to my workplace years ago. Although my blue vase painting isn’t as fine as the imported Chinese vases admired, I enjoyed remembering the friendly people with the gleaming vases for sale near the Asian market in Edmonds, WA.

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"I feel the shape of the horse in my mind's eye. I follow the movement across the shoulder of the horse to feel the lines. I draw the lines of energy that flow along the edges. The lines sing to me with color. Find the line; the music will follow."

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